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Host Rachael Schoenbaum interviews a cappella groups from all over the world about how they got started, where they are going, and to give you a sense of their style and personality so that you can learn more about the people producing the music you already love!

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Episode 61 (0:16:32)

JMU Note-oriety

Note-oriety is James Madison University's premiere all-female a cappella group. We were honored to sit down with member Dani Rye in mid-December 2019 to talk about where the group is at these days and where they are going.

Learn more about the group here:

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Episode 60 (0:06:37)


We had the pleasure of chatting with local Kansas City jazz ensemble, Nightshade, an off-shoot of The Songflower Chorale, at the m-pact festival in Kansas City in November 2019.

Learn more about the chorale here:

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John Stafford

Episode 59 (0:09:20)

John Stafford

John Stafford is an associate professor of music and director of choral activities at Kansas City Community College. He helped put on the first annual m-pact festival in Kansas City in November 2019 and we caught up with him there.

Learn more about John here:

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