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Host Rachael Schoenbaum interviews a cappella groups from all over the world about how they got started, where they are going, and to give you a sense of their style and personality so that you can learn more about the people producing the music you already love!

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Skyline Blues

Episode 174 (0:17:19)

Skyline Blues

Members of Ann Arbor Skyline Blues talk about their new album, Light at the End, as well as what they are looking forward to now that they are back together.

Listen to the album on Spotify and be sure to check out the group's YouTube page.

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Pitch Fight

Episode 173 (0:19:57)

Pitch Fight

Pitch Fight is a 15 piece all-female identifying a cappella group from the University of Bristol. The group is competitive in competitions like VoiceFest and the ICCAs, in addition to being featured in Sky One's Sing: Ultimate A Cappella, and participating in Edinburgh Fringe. Rachael sits down with Helen, Emily, and Aashna to talk about the group's latest single, Thumbs, opb Sabrina Carpenter.

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Bill Hare

Episode 172 (0:37:32)

Bill Hare

Who knew an electric bassist would alter the landscape of a cappella recording forever? Bill Hare sits down on The Pulse for a special hour-long episode to talk about how it all came to be - the fortunate, unfortunate, and sometime bizarre series of events that have had an enormous impact on the art form.

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