Voices Only 2020 – Eight Beat Measure

Eight Beat Measure began in 1987 as the RIT Men’s Octet. Originally faculty-lead and formed as an extension to the RIT Singers, they quickly expanded their horizons and branched into the world of contemporary a cappella, changing their name to Eight Beat Measure to reflect the new attitude, and expanding from only eight members. The group now sings hip-hop to rock to Irish folk, so there is something for everyone in their repertoire. The boys continue to raise the heat for their audiences at two annual concerts, and now they’re ready to compete on stages all across the country. That heat is in full force on Hollow, the second to last tune on the second Voices Only 2020 album. We sit down with soloist Jarrell Green to talk about this Matt Goldstein arranged powerhouse!

Listen to the song at https://open.spotify.com/track/3dD8EYlNKLMUaPmwbcGEZp?si=Nf9ZPlAGRAGWfAcL9ONSTQ.

Learn more about the group at https://8beat.org.

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Voices Only 2020 – Maize Mirchi

Founded in 2007, Maize Mirchi was brought together by two students who decided it was time to fuse together two cultures with the power of voice, and bring a new genre of performance to the a cappella stage. Since then, their passion for learning music, their love for beautiful sounds, and their connection to South Asian culture has only grown. Those elements are represented in the gorgeous mash up of Winter Bird and Albela Saja, originally performed by Aurora and Ustad Rashid Khan, respectively. We sit down with arranger Prakash Kumar to talk about this beautiful tune, soloed by Olivia Pak and Swathi Sampath.

Listen to the song at https://open.spotify.com/track/2UsPpQgcKivAGWXXEe5OwG?si=GcCHK8emSBmBExrmkh06Gg.

Learn more about the group at http://www.maizemirchiofficial.com.

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Voices Only 2020 – Distilled Harmony

Originally founded in 2003, Distilled Harmony has grown from humble beginnings into one of Northeastern’s most recognized a cappella groups. The music they perform, which ranges from mainstream pop to indie rock, is just as varied as the interests and academic backgrounds of each of its members. Yet “ohana” still means family for this fun-loving and ever crowd-pleasing group. And this family created an incredible rendition of Breathe, originally performed by RZLZ, arranged by Johnny DelToro, and soloed by Karizma Kishnani. We sit down with Karizma herself to chat about the tune!

Check out the song at https://open.spotify.com/track/360YnNTpaFaFLvNVqXSdw3?si=AgaFqcqcSqeqFx8hT3hu2Q.

Learn more about the group at https://web.northeastern.edu/distilledharmony.

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Voices Only 2020 – Profecy

Profecy A Cappella is an entirely student-led all male A Cappella group at Rowan University. The group’s mission is to both strengthen the presence of A Cappella within the Rowan community, as well as increase Rowan’s presence within the national A Cappella community. The group is well on their way now that their tune Say Amen (Saturday Night), originally performed by Panic! At the Disco has been selected for both BOCA 2020 AND Voices Only 2020! We sit down with music director Tim Catrino to talk about this Matt Goldstein arranged power hitter, soloed by Zack Spencer.

Check out the tune yourself at https://open.spotify.com/track/3asKuPDVT24fVOrZAL6RzW?si=Ak4cFWRGTQ6peg4DdluWVw.

Learn more about the group at https://www.facebook.com/RowanProfecy.

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Voices Only 2020 – The Vassar Devils

The Vassar Devils started in the fall of 1987 and are now one of eight co-ed a cappella groups at Vassar. The group formed when two members of another campus a cappella group fell in love

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Voices Only 2020 – Exit 245

From James Madison University, Exit 245 is a group of dudes that sing slick grooves and sweet tunes. We talk to the group about their selected tune, Home Alone, originally performed by Ansel Elgort, arranged by Leif Jomuad and with the solo by Cam Ayer.

Check out the tune yourself at https://open.spotify.com/track/5yiokZbVkLJFvubPULsalE?si=rKFk3DyyRP6bEAwLMDEuWQ.

Learn more about the group at https://www.exit245.com.

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Tune Army

The group Tune Army from Newcastle University has released a brand new album while in lockdown called Behind Closed Doors. Rachael sits down with members Adam and Chi to talk about the album, take a listen to some of the tunes, and generally hear what the group is up to.

Listen to this incredible album yourself on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/album/3BtJCFesoGCz2RrRRNkfiT?si=wlh5FvsSR1qCzdEgmmbydA.

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Voices Only 2020 – Gold Vibrations

​It was a dark and stormy evening (probably) in the fall of 2009. Skinny scarves and low rise jeans are all the rage. In a dark, muggy building, now known as Varner Hall, a rag-tag group of kids who all just happen to love to sing get together for the first time. It was there, on that possibly dark and stormy evening, in the deep dark corners of Varner Hall, that Gold Vibrations A Cappella was born. We had the pleasure of speaking with members Wes & Maria their rendition of Billie Eilish’s song When The Party Is Over, soloed and arranged by Cole Fazzini.

Check out the tune yourself at https://open.spotify.com/track/4wDiDTNWfEbbJMwu61AOcu?si=EBV07XSRQqyY0TniAQ2AMA.

Learn more about the group at https://www.oaklandgoldvibrations.com.

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Voices Only 2020 – Pitch, Please!

Pitch, Please! was founded in the winter of 2017 and is a co-ed, competitive a cappella group at UCLA. Their music varies widely from indie ballads to upbeat experimental-pop hits, most of which is arranged by their very own members. We had the pleasure of speaking with the group about their rendition of Ariana Grande’s God Is A Woman, soloed by Allie Stone and arranged by Thaddeus Demeke.

Check out the tune yourself at https://open.spotify.com/track/5vIquQv52cPsjjuGpP6r8Q?si=kdDvpH5SSSGqdiksn6xCJQ.

Learn more about the group at https://www.pitchpleaseucla.net/.

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Voices Only 2020 – All-Night Yahtzee

In the fall of 1998, Brian Haverkate gathered fearless singers, who needed not instrumental accompaniment, to form the first group of its kind at Florida State University. They named this group All-Night Yahtzee and the reason why is a closely guarded secret. We spoke with PR director Joshua Emmanuelli about their rendition of the Billie Eilish tune, You Should See Me In A Crown, featuring soloists Colette Verner and Maddy Schatz, and arranged by John Haas.

Check out the tune yourself at https://open.spotify.com/track/69PAiO1c0yU3Wvamfxi71o?si=QfzixMqXR26mfSffXqXsog.

Learn more about the group at https://www.allnightyahtzeefsu.com.

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