Photo credit: Sai Conjeevaram, @chicityhero, chicityhero.com

Dhamakapella is an award-winning coed South Asian fusion a cappella group based in Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Dhamakapella was formed in 2005 by student Mayank Prasad at Case Western Reserve University. With help from students, Raksha Soora and Manoj Nair, Mayank organized and established the first university-recognized coed a cappella group, which would feature genres from both Western and Eastern cultures. Within three years, Dhamakapella grew into an sixteen-member group, with singers of various and diverse styles. Due to the untraditional arrangements and unusual compositions, the group instantly stood out on University campus and downtown Cleveland. In 2011, Dhamakapella released its debut album Pehli Nazar: First Look, following the group’s growing popularity across the city and the University. The group derives its influences from Indian classical, contemporary Bollywood, pop, and electronic genres.

Learn more about Dhamakapella here: https://www.facebook.com/dhamakapella.