The Rolling Tones

As part of covering Chelmsford’s Aca-Pocalypse in the winter of 2019, Rachael sat down and spoke to The Rolling Tones, a co-ed high school group from Bedford High School.

Learn more about the group here:

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Marblehead High School’s Luminescence

At the 2019 Chelmsford Aca-Pocalypse, Rachael had the pleasure of sitting down with Luminescence, the all-female contemporary a cappella group out of Marblehead High School.

Learn more about Luminescence at:

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Chelmsford High School’s Feedback

In late March, Rachael was at the 2019 Chelmsford Aca-Pocalypse, where she had a chance to sit down with the school’s completely student run group, Feedback.

Learn more about a cappella at Chelmsford here:

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The Nor’easters

Rachael sat down with NACC 2019 champions, The Nor’easters at the Chelmsford Aca-Pocalypse festival this past winter to talk about their participation in festivals like Aca-Pocalypse and what’s next for the group! Check out The Nor’easters at

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