Voices Only 2020 – Business Casual

Vocal band Business Casual combines elements of pop, jazz, and other genres to produce fresh a cappella versions of vintage chart toppers, today’s top 40 hits, and award-winning original songs. Featuring powerful leads, floor thumping bass, and sizzling beats, audiences can’t believe that this group rocks the room using only their voices! Since 2012 the group has performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, USA, where they are based, as well as at festivals and competitions at home and abroad. We sit down with the group to talk about their funky rendition of Faith, originally performed by Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande, arranged by Jon Smith, and soloed Roshun Alur.

Listen to it at https://open.spotify.com/track/3C66uGS2x9iCb6F0Ts0Jom?si=vGDwCnrUTtugAej6ZarZOw.

Check out the group at https://www.bcvocals.com.

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Voices Only 2020 – Sound Off A Cappella

Sound Off A Cappella is an award-winning, professional a cappella group from Boston, MA. We talk to the group about their selected tune, Never Let Me Go, originally performed by Jess Glynne, arranged by Elliott von Wendt and with the solo by Eileen O’Hara.

Check out the tune yourself at https://open.spotify.com/track/2iEfuJScNLeT6H20fYNHr5?si=FpeLwcT4SumZujeUTKZgvg.

Learn more about the group at http://soundoffacappella.com.

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Aaron Jensen & Countermeasure

Aaron Jensen joins us for The Pulse to talk about Countermeasure’s latest project – one with *gasp* instruments! Countermeasure joined forces with some of the most talented and award-winning instrumentalists to join their sound as a solo “voice” with songs nearly all composed by Jensen. We get to dig into album concept, inspiration, process, and more.

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Hailing from Brisbane, MVP are a new band that are blurring the lines of pop music and a cappella. Blending vocal harmonies and percussion with loop stations, samplers and effects, every sound made by MVP is produced by the human voice.

The girls have been making a name for themselves in the contemporary a cappella world, winning awards for their arrangements and original music through AUSACA (the Australian A Cappella Awards) in both 2018 & 2019

2019 has been the girls’ busiest year yet – with two singles out in the world, they’ve been spending the year writing and recording for their all original debut EP, which has seen them collaborating with multiple producers from the USA at the top of the a cappella industry.

Learn more about MVP here: https://www.facebook.com/MVPacappella.

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The Buzztones

The Buzztones are not just an experienced, well-rehearsed, unique a cappella group. Sure, in 5 years they have gigged twice on the BBC’s One Show and BBC3’s Siblings, performed twice at the FA Cup Final, Big Game 7 & The Rugby World Cup at Twickenham, had 2 sell-out 5-star Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows & been named finalists of the prestigious ‘View from The Shard’ competition. And yes, through impromptu flash mob performances their harmonies have changed numerous Facebook statuses from ʻin a relationshipʼ to ʻengagedʼ.

But thereʼs something about The Buzztones thatʼs far more profound than sell-out performances & vivacious vocals; they are all great friends. Itʼs this connection between the members of the London-based group that has hooked audiences up and down the country. Itʼs what defines their sound, showmanship & insanely catchy pop mash-ups. What other group can merge ‘Eye of the Tiger’ with Beyoncéʼs ‘Bootilicious’, pull off a ballad like ‘Kiss from a Rose’ & round everything off with a Garage medley? Not to mention Celine Dion vs Eminem…

These are no Glee-inspired boppers. Theyʼre a group of 14 grown men putting their twist on all the latest tracks – no instruments, no effects. Just a team of talented friends bringing you a cappella as youʼve never, EVER heard it before.

Learn more about The Buzztones here: http://www.thebuzztones.co.uk.

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New England Voices in Harmony

Founded in January 2000, New England Voices in Harmony is a chapter of Harmony, Inc., an international, non-profit, educational and singing organization for women. Since officially chartering in April 2001, the chorus has competed at area and international events, hosted numerous shows, and entertained audiences at a variety of venues.

Learn more about New England Voices in Harmony here: http://newenglandvoicesinharmony.org.

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Vinyl Street

Vinyl Street is the story of a group of strangers who found each other through a shared passion for music (and craigslist) and became a family. Based out of Somerville, MA, the group is a member of the Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL) and performs pop, rock, and country covers throughout the Greater Boston area.

Learn more about the group here: http://www.vinyl-street.com.

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Chromatix is a nine-member a cappella group based in Madison, WI, consisting of vocalists Taryn, Erin, Andrea, Melanie, Kyle, Danny, Jason, Stu and Chris. The group started in November 2014 and is known for their tight harmonies and stunning arrangements of contemporary pop and alternative songs. Rachael sat down with Chromatix remotely after one of their rehearsals to learn more about this fun group!

Learn more about Chromatix at https://www.facebook.com/chromatixacappella.

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We had the pleasure of chatting with local Kansas City jazz ensemble, Nightshade, an off-shoot of The Songflower Chorale, at the m-pact festival in Kansas City in November 2019.

Learn more about the chorale here: http://www.songflower.org/.

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Second Shift

Second Shift, a post-collegiate, semi-pro group based in the Triangle are of North Carolina. Aaron sat down with group members at SoJam this year and we are so excited to share with you what the latest from the group!

To learn more about the group, check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/SecondShiftACappella.

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